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The Ballet Theatre School (TBTS) Program

What is the program?


Our program provides a unique training experience designed to train children with a natural propensity for ballet starting at a young age, thus allowing the body to be "molded" into the ballet ideal. The classes are carefully planned to ensure correct, rapid, and safe progress in real ballet technique and vocabulary. Ballet requires children to be masters at an early age, thus our program provides for that development, and yet we do so with the understanding that these are children. 


Ballet is an art form that must be mastered in childhood if one is to experience a level of skill that will enable one to pursue a career in ballet. The age at which a high level of skill is now expected by the dance world means that studying in the TBTS Program is essential. The TBTS Program also allows for very committed and talented dancers to be identified for even further training in the “Youth American Grand Prix.” It is also valuable to receive TBTS Program training for the many who choose not to enter the ballet world as a profession, yet wish to master the ballet step vocabulary necessary to perform “real” ballets before they move off to college, etc.


Who can be in the program?


Dancers are accepted by audition, must have a long-term commitment to ballet, and show a high level of interest. Dancers do not have to plan for a career in dance to be in the program. To accommodate varying goals, dancers can attend the minimum number of classes required for their level or add private lessons, additional classes, and performance opportunities as best suits their needs. The atmosphere of the classes is carefully cultivated to be a place of support through friendships, encouragement, and connection. We are teaching real ballet but not at the expense of the child’s body, emotional needs, or values of the family. The Ballet Theatre School has years of experience in training the talented young dancer in this unique manner. 


We use our own syllabus that has been developed over the past 50 years, having been refined through the observation and tracking of the effectiveness of each method used to teach and train. It draws from the strengths of all the major schools. This allows for artistry, a large step vocabulary, and creates a dancer able to perform rather than robot through movements. Since all the dancers are gifted, they begin pointe work and learning classical variations around the age of 10.

Youth American Grand Prix (YAGP) Training Program

We offer YAGP training for dancers who show extraordinary talent, emotional stability, passion, who are devoted to placing ballet training above other activities and time commitments, and who are physically suited, are invited to train. 

Dancers must be 7 - 18 years old. Young dancers will start training prior to being old enough for the program. Parents are told about the training and asked if they are interested.

The Youth American Grand Prix is an international world experience that challenges those dancers with the highest level of skill. Training for this event challenges the dancer to reach their highest skill level and mastery of the classical repertoire of ballet. It provides exposure to the dancer to the bigger picture of the ballet world. It also gives exposure to directors and teachers in the world’s top companies. We are blessed to be able to offer this level of training to these gifted dancers.



Special guest teachers and workshops for specific skills are offered in the summer.

*See YAGP information section for details.

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