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Mission statement


T.B.T.S. is committed to offering high quality, caring instruction in the art of classical ballet and to love our world and each other as God leads us with skill-of-body and spirit.




Why ballet?

We believe ballet is a beautiful form of art. The skill required to master this art form offers students the experience of patience, perseverance, athleticism, and artistry. Once learned it allows for expression, physical wellbeing, an avenue for ministry and opportunities for employment. To attain this level of skill we audition dancers to select those with attributes needed to develop safely to a professional level. We believe ballet is the ideal vehicle to communicate the gospel. Body language is universally understood. We believe that ballet is a physical language. Ballet movements did not originate from self-expression, rather its origins are from royal courts, where it was used to tell a story. This dignity of style and wide-range of movement make it suited to express feelings, explain ideas and evoke thought and emotion, thus big enough to reach out and impart Truth. We also believe that we need to be skillful in order for the message to be communicated without distraction, and so we believe in thorough training.


Show Selection Choices


The needs for the dancer’s further training is the primary concern in selecting a show, not what draws a big audience, thus we do not do the Nutcracker. We are not opposed to the Nutcracker and we may do excerpts from it in a Christmas show, but since this is done on a large scale by many others, we would need to devote much time and money toward it to provide what people are accustomed to. This does not seem like the best stewardship choice for us at this time and we prefer to use our resources at Christmas for service. Our recitals, other performances, and participation in YAGP provide a large-scale experience.


How we aid spiritual growth


In the classroom: We believe in the unique qualities each student contributes to our “family”. Friendships are built on the sharing of the highs and lows of the learning process and by praying each day before class. The classroom is an encouraging place. At recital time we have lessons in which we apply principles gleaned from the recital story.



We think carefully about your costs. For example, we charge for only one costume a year, we provide the additional ones on loan to keep your expenses down, helping you be a good steward of your money. We work with your hardships when they occur, reducing tuition or having dancers continue for free. We consider this a partnership, so we also expect you to try hard to pay, to give if you have abundance, just as we give our resources to you. We help each other.




Ballet lessons require that the body be visible for corrections, allow full range of motion, and being hot, however, we maintain modesty within that framework. Dancers and their parents select the color and style leotard worn. God created many beautiful things, including the human body, the beauty found in line and form as seen in ballet is part of enjoying that beauty in a proper manner.




Photos of dancers on our website, brochures etc. are students trained by us. We realize using “canned” photos is a common practice, but for us, it seems a false representation. Dancers shown are not guest performers or “transfer” students trained elsewhere, but shown as our “product.” Exceptions are guest teachers.






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