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Admittance Policy




Enrollment Fees: New students $20 per household returning students $15 per household due in September.

How to enroll:

To be enrolled parents must fill out and sign an enrollment form, this is done in the studio. Please update your form if anything changes. Make sure to include email as this is our primary way to send out updates in emergency situations. Parents of new students must also attend a fall meeting where expectations and explanations of the program are explained.


Fall - Saving your space

A place is held open for fall classes for all students from the previous year if they attended for at least the last 6 months. If you attended less than 6 months, you must put in writing your intent to continue in the upcoming school year before the summer break. Place this in the lobby dropbox. Fall spots are opened up for new dancers if the former student does not show up by the 2nd lesson.


Summer classes start in July. New students can adapt to the skills needed for fall placement and give current students more individual attention since the classes tend to be smaller. Summer classes are optional except for new “catch up” students and those in the YAPG program.


Classes run a school year starting in Sept. and run through one week after the recital, usually the second week of June. Your enrollment is a one-year commitment. Fees will be due through to June even if you drop out.

Some exceptions such as moving, severe illness are made.


 All students must attend the annual audition in the spring. This allows us to see dancers with students from other levels and best assess what level to place the dancer. It is at this time that a physical assessment is made and updated. Dancers may be unable to continue at the school if physical, emotional, or learning difficulties make it impossible to keep up with the requirements for development. This is a rare situation and personal conversations with parents would be made before such a step would be taken. If you enrolled any time other than spring quarter you will need to audition next year and you must privately arrange to:

  • Have an assessment. Fee $40 / ½ hour

  • Attend any summer programs, private lessons, or August audition, if required to catch up.

Starting late can effect space being available and being behind in skills and, thus being placed in a lower level to catch up.




The primary avenue into the Professional Program is to be invited to audition. Dancers who show ability in their Audition class are invited by teachers to the annual audition in early June. There is no fee for the audition if invited by teachers. Dancers from 8 lesson Audition Classes may be invited into the Professional Program classes. Dancers will need to pass a physical assessment before they may be admitted. After Oct. 31 students new to ballet are not accepted. Dancers transferring from another school may request a trial class with the TBTS Program class as an audition, they will also need to pass a physical assessment.

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