Admittance Policy for Professional Classes



Professional Stream


Our professional Stream classes are unique as we provide the very young child who has a natural propensity for ballet to develop their skills fully by placing them in a class that provides all they need to grow and develop into dancers of high caliber.




The primary avenue into the Professional Stream is to be invited to audition. Dancers who show ability in their Audition class are invited by teachers to the annual audition in early June. There is no fee for the audition if invited by teachers. Dancers from 8 lesson Audition Classes may be invited into the P.S. classes. Dancers will need to pass a physical assessment before they may be admitted. Physical assessments may be privately scheduled and have a fee of $15. After Oct. 31 students new to ballet are not accepted. Dancers transferring from another school may request a trial class with the P.S. class as an audition, they will also need to pass a physical assessment.


The Youth American Grand Prix


The Youth American Grand Prix is an international world experience that challenges those dancers with the highest level of skill. Training for this event challenges the dancer to reach their highest skill level and mastery of the classical repertoire of ballet. It provides exposure to the dancer to the bigger picture of the ballet world. It also gives exposure to directors and teachers in the world’s top companies. We are blessed to be able to offer this level of training to these gifted dancers.




We offer training for the YAGP to dancers who are in the PS program: Dancers must be 9-16 years old. Young dancers will start training prior to being old enough for the program. Dancers who show extraordinary talent, emotional stability, passion, who are devoted to placing ballet training above other activities and who are physically suited, are invited to train. Parents are told about the training and asked if they are interested.

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