Audition Classes


We have three kinds of Audition classes; an 8-lesson course, a full school year course, and adult classes.


Our 8 lesson class:


Students are provided a chance within a one-month time frame to experience the artistry and physical skills of ballet while allowing them time to acquire the kind of focus and manners needed to learn. We start at the barre, this is where they develop focus, then we go center floor and dance in a story like format, this gives the child the expressive element of ballet. After the 8 lessons, if the child wants to continue, three options are available:

  1. If they are ready, they are placed in a once a week class for the full school year. Ready is defined as: they can pay attention, are polite to others, attend regularly and on time, dressed according to the dress code, and are potty trained.

  2. If they are not ready they are free to try again in the next cycle which is every other month.  No startup class is offered in Dec. due to break.

  3. If the class is during September or October they may be invited to join the Professional Stream class, if they show interest and talent.


Full year classes:


Students who have been placed in the full year class will dance Sept. through early June. New students are added during the year after they have shown they are ready in the 8-lesson course, so some dancers will not actually dance “a full year.” The full year classes use a syllabus to ensure steady progress is made in a safe manner. Classes are designed with the age and skill of the students in mind. The syllabus continues to further develop steps and skills year upon year. Dancers in the Audition classes usually attend once a week. Dancers who begin by Oct. 31 will be placed in the recital at the end of the year. Dancers who start later in the year cannot be assured of a place in the recital. Such things as costume orders, dances already written for a certain number of people, lack of skill development, etc. may interfere.


Adult classes:


Starting this summer, adult class will only be offered 1x a week on Saturday mornings. Our adult class is adapted to new beginners who attend that day but in general, it runs at an intermediate level. The class is varied in age, abilities and personal goals. Adults are free to drop in or come every week. Adults use a 12 lesson punch card which is good indefinitely. Adults are people over 18. Teens take this during the week but are not considered “adults” and must attend regularly, and the punch card is not available to them.


Free classes:


Dancers who start by age 7 and continue through high school, participating in class regularly and serving in community service shows during their year here, have free lessons for life upon graduation.



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