The Youth American Grand Prix



What is the Youth American Grand Prix?


Youth American Grand Prix (YAGP) is the world’s largest global network of dance. YAGP has 10,000 dance students annually by auditions in 25 U.S. cities and 8 international locations. Each dancer performs a solo variation from a classical ballet and is judged and scored. Those with high enough scores are invited to the NY finales. The variation is selected from a list provided by the YAGP. A variation is a hard solo that would come from a famous ballet and is unchanged in the choreography rather like reciting the bible, not one thing can be altered. It is the ultimate test of the ballet mastery of a dancer. We are excited to have our dancers training to participate in the YAGP!

The Youth American Grand Prix


Why we participate in the YAGP


This is an international world experience that challenges those dancers with the highest level of skill. Training for this event challenges the dancer to reach their highest skill level and mastery of the classical repertoire of ballet. It provides exposure to the dancer to the bigger picture of the ballet world. It also gives exposure to directors and teachers in the world’s top companies.



Who can train for the YAGP?

We offer training for the YAGP to dancers who are in the PS Program. Dancers must be 9-18 years old. Young dancers will start training prior to being old enough for the program. Dancers who show extraordinary talent, emotional stability, passion, who are devoted to placing ballet training above other activities and who are physically suited are invited to train. Parents are told about the training and asked if they are interested.


What is involved in the training?


The youngest dancers will train toward this goal prior to being old enough to participate. Dancers may train for as long as one year on a variation prior to the event. Dancers must take private lessons as well as their regular classes. Dancers are required to attend in the summer and will require some work over the Christmas holiday as the event in our area is held in early January.


What costs are involved?


The participation fees for the YAGP are about $200. A professional costume rental fee from the school wardrobe is about $30, or you can purchase your own costume. The cost of a professional tutu is $250 and up. (The YAGP does not score for the costume, however, we want to present our dancers in the best possible way which we believe means (Includes) a costume.) Private lesson fees run from $30 - $60 an hour. Discounts are available and are given on an individual needs basis. If dancers score 95% or higher and want to go, the NY finals additional costs will be travel, hotel and teacher fees for event days.


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Youth America Grand Prix 2019 Seattle Participants​

Grace Preston

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