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Performance / Service




Performing is a part of a dancer's training, and that is our top priority when selecting our recital and other shows throughout the year. The development of artistry, performance skills, and teamwork are skills that come from a recital. We also take into consideration the entertainment, education, and ministry to our audience when selecting a show and aim to balance the needs of all. A large full-scale story ballet complete with backdrops, professional costumes, etc. is held at the end of each year with all TBTS  Program students performing. Rehearsal time is kept to a minimum with dances being learned in small sections over a long period of time using a small portion of the class, thus allowing families to keep their regular schedule as much as possible.




A concert is often held during the year in a theater with selected older dancers performing. These shows vary from working with guest artists, presenting new choreography, and providing an opportunity for dancers studying variations to work hard and be selected to perform in this venue.




We are often dancing in the community for Christmas bringing a gospel message, however, on occasion, we present a full-scale Christmas production such as A Christmas Carol.




Dancers may perform in smaller venues such as in-studio shows, community centers, or local events. These shows are to develop the dancer. Older dancers are invited to dance in the larger community such as the Tacoma Glass Museum, working with other dancers in Seattle, etc.


Service by presenting the gospel


Dancers from the school serve the community with free performances in a large array of settings; senior centers, community festivals, churches, etc. Our selections for these performances reflect listening to God’s guidance for the day. His message is our priority in consideration of our selection of music, dress, and skill so as not to distract from the message either by lack of skill or the exhibition of it. Kathy Wilson speaks between the dances deepening the impact of the message of God’s longing for a personal relationship with them. We also consider the relationships we develop through praying and working together as serving each other on our individual journeys of faith and is one of the most important ways to serve.


Serving by being light


We believe being a Christian in the art community is a special “mission” field, and by being highly skilled we have a unique opportunity to be like him in settings such as YAGP.


Some examples of service we have done are:

Help with fund-raising events with Traumatic Brain Injury Tacoma, Adorned in Grace Human Trafficking, Food for the Hungry, and Cancer Relay for Life. Serving with the gospel message in senior centers, churches, community festivals, farmers' markets, and cross-culture events such as Dance Extravaganza.

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