Enrollment for Standard Classes


Standard Classes for ages 3-9


We are happy to give all children a chance to experience professional-caliber ballet classes. We offer a once a week class that runs the school year Sept. through early June. This class is open to children who are ready for class.


Ready is defined as:

They can pay attention

Are polite to others

Attend regularly and on time

Dressed according to the dress code, and are potty trained.


Starting dates:


Full-year student’s classes start Sept. 4th (Open to returning full-year students.)

**New student’s classes for 3-5 year-olds: The first week of Sept., Nov., Feb.

**New student’s classes for ages 6-9: The first week of Oct., Jan., Mar.


Standard Classes for ages 10 and up


Dancers 10 and older will be placed in standard full year classes for their age and skills. Dancers are placed primarily on skill set on age. Only dancers who start no later than Oct. 31 will be assured a place in the June recital.


Adult classes are offered 2 days a week. Payments are made with a Punch Card system: you pay $120 for 12 lessons taken anytime.


*To determine if a child is “ready” the child will take 8 lessons. This allows the child time to develop their focus and manners in a classroom situation. This time frame also gives the teachers the opportunity to observe the child’s potential. Children are invited to stay in the class if they show they are “ready”. Children must continue to show these basic skills or they will be asked to leave the class and try again in a month. If your child has attended in the past in the full year program they are automatically placed into it again.


**If the child is not ready at this time they can try again. Many children just need a little more time to mature and develop. Every other month a new class is started for new students to start or previous students to try again. The “new” student class is held twice a week. One of the classes is with the year-round class and the other with other new students. This makes a set of 8 lessons. This arrangement allows the child the opportunity to learn slowly with other new dancers and observe dancers who have already acquired skills. Dancers who are “ready” and wish to continue will then be invited into the once a week yearlong class, or if not “ready”, may try again at the next cycle.


Enrollment Form / Registration


New students must fill out an Enrollment Form in the lobby on your first day of class. There is no enrollment fee. Students are registered for classes in a variety of formats. Intent to attend can be made by phone call, email, or sign-up sheet in the studio.

Registration is not enrollment but does hold your place in a class.

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